Dear Parkway Family,I hope you’re doing well during this season of shelter-in-place. We are scheduled for our usual time on Sunday at 11:00 AM, for a video-conference to connect and worship God as a community.

PARKWAY SUNDAY WORSHIP – Video ConferenceSunday (Mar. 29) 11:00 AM
Meeting Room Name: Parkway

If you don’t have a stable internet connection at that time, you can call in from a phone with audio-only. Dial-in number: 1-512-402-2718. PIN: 1984 0685 36#
Please see the new suggestions for this week and the tips from last week below.
Blessings,-Pastor David

Here are a few tips to facilitate an enjoyable video-conference experience for everyone:

  • At some point in the video-conference, the moderator will mute everyone else except the speaker. This will help avoid the audio lag during the music. After that point, please unmute your audio if you want to activate your microphone again. Note: phone participants cannot unmute their audio if the moderator has muted them.
  • It’s nice to see and hear everyone during the connection time in the beginning. Of course, you’re free to mute the camera and audio whenever you need to.
  • Keep the camera in a stationary place. Don’t walk around with the camera. If you need to change location, mute the camera.
  • Keep the camera about 2-3 feet from the face at eye level if possible.
  • Avoid having a window or daylight behind you to avoid being backlit.
  • Mute the audio if there is background noise.

Here are more details from last Sunday’s e-mail:
We will be using a platform/app called Jitsi Meet. It’s similar to other video-conferencing platforms that let you see and hear each other, but Jitsi is easier to use, completely free and doesn’t require registration.
If you’re using a laptop, you can simply go to: https://meet.jit.si/parkwayIf you’re using a browser like Chrome, you probably don’t need to install anything. It’ll just simply work. You might have to give it permission to use your camera and microphone.
If you’re using a smartphone or tablet (iPhone or Android), you can go to the same webpage: https://meet.jit.si/parkway. It’ll ask you to download the app. After you install and start up the app, type in the room name, which is: Parkway
For those who don’t have access to the internet at that time, let me know and I can send you separate instructions on how to use your phone to call in.
Here are a few more details and tips if you’re not familiar with video-conferencing:
-If you’re able to use headphones or earbuds with your device, it can improve with sound quality. This is especially true if you have more than one device logging in from the same room: e.g. one person on a smartphone, another person on a laptop. This will avoid a feedback loop.-There is an AUDIO BUTTON on the bottom left (it looks like a microphone). If you click it, it will MUTE your audio so that we won’t hear you, but you can still hear us. If you click it again, we will hear you. This is helpful for when you’re in a place that has background noise.-There is a VIDEO BUTTON on the bottom right (it looks like a video camera). If you press it, it disables your video so we can’t see you, but you can still see everyone. If you need to take a break during the gathering, you can mute the video (and the audio) and still stay connected in the group.
If you’re new to video-conferencing, these might sound like a lot of details, but don’t worry, it’s fairly straightforward and you can get used to it very quickly.