The Revelation of Jesus Christ

Revelation is the unveiling of the beauty and majesty of Jesus Christ and His leadership throughout history, even to the end of this age and into the age to come. It reveals Jesus as the Bridegroom, King, and Judge as He returns to cleanse the earth of evil and to establish His reign.

The main message of Revelation is straightforward – it is not confusing or difficult to understand as this book is often portrayed: Things will get much worse at the end of this age, Jesus will return, and then things will get much, much better.

The main storyline unfolds as Jesus takes the scroll from God the Father seated on the throne in heaven, opens the seals, ultimately bringing about the coming of God’s Kingdom on the earth. The event that changes everything is the return of Jesus to earth (Rev. 19). Jesus will cleanse the earth of evil, including the removing of Satan, and Jesus’ reign will be established on the earth.

This Revelation of Jesus is not given to us merely for theorizing and speculation or to satisfy curiosity of End Time events. The book is given to us as a clear unveiling of Jesus Christ and His leadership. Many of the initial recipients, the believers in the 7 churches of Asia (the region of modern day Turkey) were about to face severe persecution for their faith. Jesus gives this clear revelation of Himself and His leadership so that the churches will be strengthened with hope and empowered to overcome.

Revelation is not just a record of past history or speculation about the future. This Revelation of Jesus is vital for our preparation today. So whether it is through the Great Tribulation (the last 3 ½ years of this age before Jesus returns to establish His kingdom here on earth) or through any troubles in life, we are given this gift of the revelation of Jesus Christ to empower our hearts with love and hope to respond in worship and prayer. Our heart’s response to the beauty and majesty of Jesus is: “Come, Lord Jesus!”

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